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The Bob and Miss Lucille demonstrating their best sitting capabilities in the vast wilderness of the Colorado Rockies.

Art At Home

At the Loaded Brush, we know not everyone considers themselves “creative,” but creativity isn’t limited to paint and clay – it can be applied to all facets of life. That’s why we’re doing our part to ensure an online art community lives on and hopefully grows. Art should be accessible, for the people, by the people – and that’s what we’re here to do. 

We’re going to be making a variety of videos, tutorials, reviews and who knows what. Don’t let COVID confine your creativity or mind, choose to use this time to grow, learn and get weird! We’re going to be making and doing all kinds of weird things, 3 weeks in and we’re farmers, brewers, dog trainers, and gardeners. The possibilities are endless. So follow along, from our home to yours!

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Paint-Your-Pet | The Loaded Brush Paint & Sip Classes |

A TLB Specialty

The most popular, and frankly one of our most favorite, the Paint-Your-Pet Class – is on hold. We’re working on a couple ideas on how to convert this amazing time to a COVID-friendly world, such as sending our pre-sketches and holding virtual classes. But these are just ideas and we have tons of those, so stick around to see what we come up with!

Out w/ Ours

Party privately w/ us

Interested in holding your own private party? Great for all occasions, fun havers and dog lovers. Party at a discounted rate for a party of 10+ painters and get the studio to yourself! Food, drinks, decorations, and you get to pick the painting!

OMG it's back and better than ever! Watercolor, a favorite of yours and ours, is back. All classes are taught by Aaron, ensuring you're getting the best experience around. We've got new paintings, new nights, and a lot more coming your way. Sign up for a class full of watercolor wonder!

Hello America and maybe Canada! We are mobile! We're based in Portland, Oregon so we're frequently traversing around our beautiful state teaching art and making laughs. Last summer we went on a cross-country road trip and we're looking to do it again - but this time, we're bringin' the stuff. Whether you're based in Portland or not, reach out and let's see what we can get cooking!

Unfortunately, we're limited to what we can provide here at TLB but we can come to you! What you do in your own home is up to you, if you know what I'm sayin'. The instruction, materials and enthusiasm are portable, luckily we aren't limited to our cool studio.

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COVID-19 Update 03-20-20
What's new

COVID Update March 20, 2020

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the Coronavirus sucks. The unpleasant effects are just beginning to be seen and the best we can say with any clarity is that the our priority should be everybody’s health and safety…

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Watercolor ~ Elizabeth and Lucy | Aaron Ziobrowski |
Making ART!!!

BFF’s | Watercolor on Arches 140lb Paper (9″x12″) | Aaron Ziobrowski

Photo of a recently finished watercolor, sourced from a photo of Elizabeth and Miss Lucy I took when we were on a walk a couple of months back. Pretty stinkin’ cute, right?

Commissions are definitely available, a watercolor this size (9″x12″) is $100 however I’m always trying to get art into people hands so the pricing is always on a bit of a sliding scale…

Basically if you want some art and can’t afford my normal pricing, make me an offer and I might just take it.

Email for commission specifics and turnaround time.

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Share The Love | The Loaded Brush - Paint & Sip |

Spread The Love

If you’re into good times, showing others how much you appreciate their presence in your life, and getting the most of life – take advantage of this flash sale! Get in on this lovin’!

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What's new

The Greatest Gift of All – Fun

The holidays are closing in and family time is eminent. BOGO your gifts and time this year by gifting a Paint-Your-Pet class. Give a personal and unique experience to the Pet-Lover in your life!

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