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Art with us, but COVID style

Doin' Our Best

At the Loaded Brush, we know not everyone considers themselves “creative,” but creativity isn’t limited to paint and clay – it can be applied to all facets of life. That’s why we’re doing our part to ensure an online art community lives on and hopefully grows. Art should be accessible, for the people, by the people – and that’s what we’re here to do. 

We’re going to be making a variety of videos, tutorials, reviews and who knows what. Don’t let COVID confine your creativity or mind, choose to use this time to grow, learn and get weird! Making art, making food, taking naps and trying to stay motivated – to name a few of our quarantivities.

So follow along, from our home to yours!

We like talking

Sunshine & Quaran-tine

Hey what’s up hello, if you’re feelin’ kind of mellow or tryna eat some jello – give this post a read and forget the global need. For a sec , cause it really isn’t long and it doesn’t rhyme like this song – so maybe read it twice because it’s actually quite nice.

COVID Update March 20, 2020

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the Coronavirus sucks. The unpleasant effects are just beginning to be seen and the best we can say with any clarity is that the our priority should be everybody’s health and safety…

Making Art w/ Heart

in a few words


Online classes

Get your art on, unless it’s your first time, then we’ll walk you through it. We’re going to be making easy to follow, interesting and fun video tutorials. For right now and hopefully a lot longer, our classes are available FOR FREE! So you have no excuse for arting at home with us!


awesome blogging

Writing, yet another creative outlet. We’ll be sharing our experiences, thoughts and stuff via blog because we have a lot on our minds and a lot to share. We’re funny, real and really get the hang of this blogging thing so check it out



I’m not trying to lock us into any lanes here so I’m going to keep this one, open. We are always getting into something new and are constantly on the lookout for more cool things. Recommendations encouraged. 

what we do

arting, creating, nothing,
most things

What we do is somewhat undefined because while we wouldn’t want to stifle any opportunities, it’s somewhat hard to describe. So what we do, is most things. We do easy-to-follow-yet-informative-and-fun online classes, write extremely riveting and hilarious blog posts, make all kinds of weird things and even travel via homemade camper. So we’re fun, you’re fun, let’s hang out.