Sunshine & Quaran-tine

Hello Quarantine QTs, I hope everyone is fairing okay and making the best out of your situation, whatever that may be. Whether you’ve caught the contagion or have been affected as a result of COVID, in one way or another – we’ve all been touched by the sickness. There have been some obvious downfalls, but at the Yellow House we’re doing what we can to appreciate where we’re at and keep our spirits up. An obvious positive however, is that I’m writing this post on a beautiful spring day, in my backyard, getting mildly distracted by 3 little dogs running around.

So far, we’ve been adjusting to work-at-home/everything-at-home pretty well. As introverts, seclusion ain’t so bad. The limitations of quarantining has forced us to be more creative with our time and appreciate the process. It’s given us the opportunity to do things we’ve been wanting to but putting off due to a million reasons.

Speaking of utilizing our time to start and implement good habits, I floss now. I’m a flosser. My oral hygiene has never been better. Additionally, I’ve never been so stretchy. Since quarantining, we’ve been stretching/yoga-ing almost daily and our bodies and minds are loving it. An important and favorite quaran-tivity of ours has been eating fresh baked cookies and milk in bed. Some positive habits are forming for sure.

On a little bit bigger scale, Aaron and I are composting, container gardening, juicing, home brewing, baking bread – you name it and we’re doing/going to do it. Why not, ya know? It’s been extremely gratifying to enact more sustainable practices into our lives, we’ve got all kinds of produce and plants growing and a nice, cozy compost pile. Staying home has pushed us to make steps we’ve been talking about making and motivating us to be more self-sufficient. In other words, we are trying to walk the walk.

My intentions here are to shed light into our minds, share our experiences and hopefully make some kind of positive impact on your day. I just read this VICE article (you should also give it a read) and it gave me some anxiety that this post could be construed in a negative manner. I by no means want anyone to feel pressured to live or act as we do. But rather, I hope this inspires you to make moves to better yourself or do something nice for someone else. The steps we take are going to look different for everyone, whether you’re baking bread or sleeping – listen to your body and your own needs. Take this time to work on yourself a smidge!

And we’re still figuring it out – this blog, the business, dogs, life. Tune in for our adventure, I’m not really sure what that will entail but I can tell you – it’s going to be a good time.

“But out of limitations comes creativity”

Debbie Allen

Whilst writing / Noggin Notes
– LISTENED TO: Still Woozy, Hippo Campus, Coast Modern, Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey Rae, Rex Orange County, Boy Pablo, Kid Bloom, Peach Pit, Sales
– SNACKED ON: celery and peanut butter – you gotta ration snacks when you’re in a quarantine
– SIDETRACKED: I lost my train of thought watching 2 bees tumble to the ground (deck) in a wrestling match. The allergic must be keep vigilant.
– The compost really is warm, like really warm. Tt’s very bizarre to experience but a good sign as far as compost goes. Or so I’ve heard.
– I actually started inside, then went outside, then back inside and then back outside and I’m finishing this post indoors because I was getting kinda sweaty. Plot twist, I finished this the next days later, from my bed lol.