Needle-Felting Workshop with Heather Colibri | December 29th

Needle-Felting Workshop with Heather Colibri | December 29th

Beginner Needle-Felting Workshop with Instructor Heather Colibri | Thursday, December 29th, 6-9pm | $45 per person – all materials provided!!!

Needle-Felting Workshop with Heather Colibri | The Loaded BrushFor registration info click here to see our Class Calendar (navigate to date of class, December 6th).

Join TLB instructor and felting samurai Heather Colibri as she guides you through step-by-step instructions for creating your very own custom needle-felted holiday snowman!!!  All ages and experience levels are welcome to explore this largely ignored medium with Heather as their guide.

Needle Felting is the process of shaping raw wool with special barbed felting needles.  When the needle is pulled through loose wool, the needles barbs catch and tangle the fibers so they tangle and bind together to create a matted felt fabric.  With just a few simple tools and a little imagination, you can sculpt the wool into anything you can think of!

Heather Colibri is an independent painter and sculptor based out of Portland, OR. You can see some of her original designs in the video below.

To learn more about her work (or to commission a creature of your very own), reach out through one of the links below:

– Instagram @colibrilovesyou