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Awesome edit of one of our Sedona pictures
The Bob and Miss Lucille demonstrating their best sitting capabilities in the vast wilderness of the Colorado Rockies.
The Bob and Miss Lucille demonstrating their best sitting capabilities in the vast wilderness of the Colorado Rockies.

The Bob and Miss Lucille. The twinkle in our eyes, the point to the pencil of our lives – our sweet, sweet little meatballs.

Miss Lucille Aglow

The precious angels pictured above (although I’m not actually sure where it’s going to be in relation to the text at this point), are the loves of our lives here at the Loaded Brush. Lucille is my (Elizabeth’s) little dog, she is the wind beneath my wings and the lightbulb in the socket of my life. We were brought together one early December afternoon of 2017, and boy did I get a goodie. The essence of love in a young-yoda-esque, scruffy puppy body – truly a gem in a sea of gems (because most dogs are gems). She’s got only five star Yelp reviews, so she’s a must-meet.

The Bob Aglow
The Bob Aglow

Bob (co-habitats with Aaron) on the other hand, is somewhat more selective in the love he dishes out. But the cookies and cream-cement-brick middle aged dog-man does show affection and will dance for a snack. Swipe right on Bob- he loves naps, snacks, long walks around Sellwood, and even belly rubs now and then.

Well bingo bango bongo, we’re starting a blog over here at the Loaded Brush and I can’t tell you exactly what it’s going to entail, if you’ll learn anything useful or even if your going to poop later – but I can tell you that it’s going to be verrrry interesting…to some.

Blog (almost) Guarantees:

  1. Hilarity (at least somewhat)
  2. Real & ‘authentique’
  3. Inclusion of many dog pics (& potentially other animals)

This blog is still in the fetus stages of its life, if you will. We’re figuring it out as we go- learning and adapting as life happens. The Loaded Brush is under a kind of evolution, transition maybe. For starters, there are two dogs now (Lucille’s the new dog in the studio, if you know what I’m sayin’). More importantly, we’re making a point to keep quality and authenticity at our core in this remodeling process. We want to be honest, real and open with – well everyone, including ourselves. It’s not going to be a freshly paved road, but more like the off-roading, bladder busting paths we encountered a couple weeks ago on our coast-to-coast road trip (more to come). Being real and exposing the parts of life that aren’t exactly “da mega dopest” followed by laughter and support is what we’re all about here at TLB.

To be fair, to be honest, to be real – this blog doesn’t even have a real name and communicating dry humor and pure comedic gold doesn’t always translate to text, but hot dam (Go Beavs) we’re going to try and (probably do) pretty well.

So yes, the intention of this post was to be some sort of introductory something to the business, the blog, the dog… – we aren’t really sure. We have a lot of new ideas tho and want to share them, develop as a both a business and as people. Things are changing over here at The Loaded Brush, in a really great way. I think we’re going to use this blog to keep people updated, share our struggles, our successes, see as many cute dogs as possible, and grow (?). So I guess follow along if super interesting people with mega cute dogs, a good moral code, funny jokes and/or occasional off color drug references are your thing!! (JK, not really) 🙅🏻‍♀️

PS – check out our instagrams for cool pictures, updates, and eggsellent puns.

Elizabeth Duong
(aka Liz, aka Lizard, aka Little Bit (only 4 fam)) 🙂

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