PYP: Paint-Ye-Pet

A beautiful and visually dynamic digital rendition of a sunset photo from our roadtrip featuring an exquisite western inspired portrait of Bob the Bandit and Lady Lucille.


Paint-Your-Pet feat. an exquisite western inspired portrait of Bob the Bandit and Lady Lucille.

Yeehaw and Howdy Pet People of Portland. We are calling attention to all animal-lovers: stop, drop, and paint-dat-pet. A unique and fun way to celebrate the never ending love and happiness that bewitching creature bestows upon you, but wait, there’s more. It’s also a super great way to spend time with those you care about or those you have to.

You can drink, talk and engage if you’d like- or act very interested in your painting to avoid the social interaction, we understand both. In the end, you’ll feel good about your artistic skills and have a beautiful piece of art for your living room, kitchen, guest bedroom, or basement.

Here at the Loaded Brush, we cater to all levels of abilities and love a hearty passion for pets. We will guide you through a what starts as slightly doubtful journey into great time forest and come out on the other side cheering, smiling, with dazzling pet portraits in our arms. If you love your pet, love yourself, and love true enjoyment- sign up for a paint-you-pet class today. We’re big time pet people and we are SO EXCITED paint your pet with you. Navigate to the class calendar and find a time that works for you, or make time if necessary. Can’t wait to PYP!!



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