RoadAbodin’ 2019

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"Life is all about how you handle plan B..."
written above bathroom wall
gas station in Holbrook, AZ

RoadAbodin' 2019

So this video is the debut of the newest family member here at The Loaded Brush, The RoadAbode!!! We built her on the truck during the first few weeks of August then almost immediately (the same day we finished the roof actually) we embarked on our maiden voyage from Portland, OR to Atlanta, GA and back by way of an extremely indirect route (see below)…

Portland, OR -> Crater Lake, OR -> Santa Cruz, CA -> Yosemite -> Las Vegas, NV -> Sedona, AZ -> Santa Rosa, NM -> Terrell, TX -> Pensacola, FL -> Atlanta, GA -> Okmulgee, OK -> Trinidad, CO (La Veta Pass) -> Lobos Overlook/South Fork, CO -> Homestake Reservoir, CO -> Medicine Bow-Routt Nat.’l Forest, CO -> Missoula, MT -> Portland, OR

Yeah, so honestly there were so many disasters I won’t even start, but after it was all said and done I think we managed to have one of the most fun trips I have ever taken.

So there you go ladies and gents, introducing.. the Bode.

The RoadAbode getting some love in Pensacola, FL.