TABL #2 Crater Lake -> Santa Cruz

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Santa Cruz waters at any time of day.


DAY 2-4: just beachy 🍑

07/25/2019 – 07/27/2019

Day 2 began sitting on the rim of Crater Lake, an excellent start to our adventure. We were eager to get to Santa Cruz to meet up with some old art school friends/gracious hosts, but were no where near ready to leave the beauty that is Crater Lake. With a vow to return sooner than later, we continued our migration south.

A significantly longer trek than the day before, it was about 457 miles to Santa Cruz. Unfortunately, we were late to the concert that evening, but caught the second set and barely caused a scene upon entering. 

An ‘unofficial-mayor’ type of guy, our host Dan, seemed to know everyone in the jazz club- maybe everyone in Santa Cruz.

We did a quick driving tour through the iconic streets of Santa Cruz, the university, all scenic routes. A college set in the redwoods, a serial killer hot spot, breweries, art and supercute dogs everywhere- our kind of place. 

As baked good/food lovers, indulging in Companion Bakeshop was an obvious choice. Seasonal, fresh berries, berry goo, flaky pastry, cheese- these pastries were amazing. And word on the street is that the buckwheat scones are gluten-free and delicious, and definitely weigh less than a pound. 

Our toes have barely been dipped into the salty blue waters of Santa Cruz, but hot dog are we itching to get back. I mean, it’s less than 800 miles away. When you’ve driven almost 8,000 miles- 800 seems so achievable.  

From here, we began going east towards Yosemite. By now, we’re about 4 days in, 1 dog puke down, 1 dog bowl left, and nothing but good feelings about our upcoming adventure. Santa Cruz came with a reorganization of the interior of the RoadAbode, an upgrade we were excited to try out. Things were only going to get hotter from here, if you know what I’m sayin’.

Review of Santa Cruz, California: excellent vibes, loved it an unexpectedly high amount, want to go back immediately, great pastries, lots of dogs

MILE COUNT: about 737 miles