Painting Sold!!

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by Elizabeth Duong

November 2nd, 2019 – what a great day!

Someone was inspired and interested today by something I (Elizabeth) created, and found value and worth in it.

Someone bought a piece of my art for the first time…

Someone is going to hang my art in their house…

How cool is that?!!



Born from a game of fruit ninja (throwing fruit and slicing in the air with a sharp knife), this piece had many, organic stages to its creation. Our interest in fruits began here, but has yet to slow.

Using the sliced oranges, we made prints, trying out different methods to figure out which worked best. We couldn’t find much information about using real fruit to print so it was pretty much trial and error.

Pressing out the juice onto towels was crucial because otherwise the paint wouldn’t stick to the orange or the print would be thin and less defined (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). While oranges are fairly sturdy fruits, pressing them too aggressively into the towels will cause a loss of shape, more juice, and overall probably not what you’re looking for.

We printed oranges on postcards, marbled backgrounds, canvases, and pretty much whatever paper we could find. I drew on them with Sakura Gelly Roll pens, cut and collaged them, painted on them with acrylic paint, eventually pasting this set on a canvas. I added the background after because I had already glued them down, but also because  they needed teeeexxturreee and I didn’t decide that until post-pasting. The glaze came later- really juicing it up if you know what I’m sayin.

Fruit projects were happening simultaneously and to follow, developing with me as an artist and as a concept. I’m consistently inspired by the possibilities of printing other fruits, what I could do with those prints and how this concept will evolve.


I have a few other fruit inspired / fruit forged products since the creation of Glazed Oranges. This was the first piece of art I’ve ever finished that I felt I could sell and that was a huge accomplishment for me. I really love the path I’ve plunged into when it comes to fruits and the projects I’ve started since.