We are The Loaded Brush

About us.

art for the people, by some people

2 Artists
2+ dogs

A couple of pretty smart weirdos taking note on their embarkment through this bizarre thing we call life after COVID. Kidding. A little. 
We are weird and we are going to be blogging all kinds of things, but also making video tutorials, arting and what-have-you, the future is our oyster. We love dogs, laughing, learning, watching watercolor, getting out of our comfort zones, growing plants and oh so much more. Tune into our blog and take some classes, hang out with us as this thing develops!

creating Art with Heart

Fun havers & stuff makers


Masteries in multiple areas of art, Funny, smart and strong – Aaron is the whole package. He loves string cheese and using epoxy resin. Chess player and bread baker , if you’re looking for a portrait, multi-use chair or home-grown produce – look no further. 


This rare Vietnamese Freckled Lizard does best with time spent in the sun and a well-rounded diet. She’s somewhat petite but that brain of her’s really packs a punch. Creative in all the ways, a Feng Shui master and dog obsessed. 

Bob & Lucille & Minnie

Grumpy and Dopey, featuring special guest Sneezy (aka Minnie). We’ve got 12 legs, a heavy dose of poop and a whole lot of lovin’. 

oh, we have 'em




Over 10+ years teaching art and over 40 years making it, this guy knows what he’s doing. Most of the time. 



A background in design, a BS from OSU and a life of arting, creativity runs through this lizard’s veins.  

Bob & Lucy


Though neither have been to school, they’re kind of smart and very good dogs. 

more about us


We like to do lots of things. This and that, we’re always looking for new things to learn, conquer or consume – making us a rather interesting duo, if you ask me. 


When we decided to learn ukulele, we made/are making some. We’re big makers. If we can make it instead of buying it, chances are – we will. 


Creativity isn’t limited to pencils and paper. We use it in every aspect of our life, including the kitchen. We have dough babies and more.


Sleep is an essential part of the creative process and is good for the soul. Would recommend. 


Creating is in us, it’s what we do, it’s how we do it.