Join us for a Hint of Springtime, a Bob Ross classic taught by Aaron. The class features iconic BR jokes and techniques, with our Loaded Brush panache.
Just funkin’ around this last couple days I made up this little collage-video-type-situation up from a recent Paint-Your-Pet Private Partaaaay!!!!!🍷🎨🕺🏻
Someone was inspired and interested today by something I created, and found value and worth in it. What an awesome feeling!
New Painting ~ Ghost Cat | Debut Class Friday October 25th, 630-9p! For more info or to get signed up _>
That's right folks we're doing these classes on the regular!!! How's it Work? Well First we watch the episode, then we lead you through easy to follow step-by-step instructions and by the end... Boom, you've surprisingly impressed both yourself and your friends.
To paint your pet, just sign up through our class calendar and email us a couple of your favorite photos of your little furry bundle of fun. Then before class we get them pre-drawn onto your canvas (demonstrated in the vid) and the day of class we show you how to paint ’em up!!! Check out continue reading
New Painting ~ Harvest Pumpkins Debut Class This Saturday, Sept 28th 230-5p!!! For More Info Or To Get Signed Up -> Click Here!!!
Pretty cool new video from our Youtube page ~ working out the kinks in our process for a new marbling technique and I have good news… You can marble ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!!! So yep, we’ll for sure be offering this as a workshop a few different times in the upcoming months, stay tuned. Woot woot.
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