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Hello world & welcome to our blog! A place for us to rave, rant, review and other things that begin with the letter ‘R’. Just kidding. Kind of.
To define what we’re going to be doing here would not only be out of character but it could limit the potential possibilities and that’s just not something we’re into. 

We are Elizabeth and Aaron: artists, best friends, dog lovers, innovators, gardeners, farmers, meditators, creators, couch potaters – the list of things were trying, learning and loving is never ending. Constantly seeking mental stimulation and learning the capabilities of our own bodies and minds, this blog will cover all kinds of topics relating to art, ancient humans, ants – most things are on the table. 

Sunshine & Quaran-tine

Hey what's up hello, if you're feelin' kind of mellow or tryna eat some jello - give this post a read and forget the global need. For a sec , cause it really isn't long and it doesn't rhyme like this song - so maybe read it twice because it's...

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COVID-19 Update 03-20-20

COVID Update March 20, 2020

As I'm sure you're all aware, the Coronavirus sucks. The unpleasant effects are just beginning to be seen and the best we can say with any clarity is that the our priority should be everybody's health and safety...

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Share The Love | The Loaded Brush - Paint & Sip | www.loadedbrushpdx.com

Spread The Love

If you're into good times, showing others how much you appreciate their presence in your life, and getting the most of life - take advantage of this flash sale! Get in on this lovin'!

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Paint-Your-Pet Classes | The Loaded Brush | Portland, OR

Fun, Friends and Fur

Just funkin’ around this last couple days I made up this little collage-video-type-situation up from a recent Paint-Your-Pet Private Partaaaay!!!!!🍷🎨🕺🏻

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Painting Sold!!

Someone was inspired and interested today by something I created, and found value and worth in it. What an awesome feeling!

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Rob Boss Painting Classes | The Loaded Brush | www.loadedbrushpdx.com

Rob Boss Landscape Painting Classes!!!

That's right folks we're doing these classes on the regular!!! How's it Work? Well First we watch the episode, then we lead you through easy to follow step-by-step instructions and by the end... Boom, you've surprisingly impressed both yourself and your friends.

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