Paint-Your-Pet Classes | The Loaded Brush | Portland, OR

Fun, Friends and Fur

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Just funkin’ around this last couple days I made up this little collage-video-type-situation up from a recent Paint-Your-Pet Private Partaaaay!!!!!🍷🎨🕺🏻

Paint Your Pet Class ~ Time-lapse Pre-Sketching the Canvases | | Portland, OR

Time-lapse Pre-Sketching the Pets prior to Class

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To paint your pet, just sign up through our class calendar and email us a couple of your favorite photos of your little furry bundle of fun. Then before class we get them pre-drawn onto your canvas (demonstrated in the vid) and the day of class we show you how to paint ’em up!!!

Check out our class calendar for upcoming dates and times (Portland and surrounding areas) -> Click here <- to see our upcoming Class Calendar 🎨🍷🐨